My Doxies Dental Cleaning

I have always loved dogs.  I had dogs as I was growing up but we  never had to get their teeth cleaned.  But I can understand the reason for having our dogs teeth cleaned.

I have learned from having 2 dachshunds that they need regular cleaning.  I just hate that they have to go under anesthesia.   Dachshunds have such long and narrow mouths that it is a good breeding ground for bacteria.  There isn’t too much space for bacteria to roam so they just attack their teeth.

My Scarlett is 11 years old and has had 10 teeth removed mostly her bigger teeth like her molars.  Toby is 10 years old and has had 12 teeth removed.  Most of his teeth that were removed are the smaller ones like the ones between his 2 canine teeth and a few small ones at the very end of mouth.

They were not trained when they were puppies to get their teeth cleaned so it is very difficult to do that now.  I have checked the VOHC websites for treats and chews that will help them to keep their teeth clean.

Since both of my doxies are getting up in age, I wasn’t going to have their teeth cleaned anymore because of the anesthesia.  Toby’s teeth were looking really bad but still I didn’t want him to go under anesthesia but he kept rubbing his mouth on the rug and furniture.  So I took him to my vet to get his mouth checked.  The vet agreed with me that his teeth were in bad shape.  The one side of his gums were red where the other side was pink.  The gums should be pink instead of red.  My vet believed he had an infection and that several of his smaller teeth may need to be pulled.  I agreed to get his teeth cleaned.  The vet took a full panel blood test just to make sure all vitals were good in order to go under anesthesia.  Blood test came back good.  I set up his appointment for January 12th.

3 days before his appointment he started taking antibiotics for the infection and would continue after the cleaning.

His teeth were cleaned with 1 extraction.  It has only been a week since the extraction so I am sure his mouth is still tender.  He is still rubbing his mouth on the rug and furniture so I put a call into the vet to see if this is normal.  I am thinking this is normal since his stitches will still be in his mouth for 2-4 weeks.

I did take 4 days off work to be with him after the cleaning just in case there was any problems.  I game him his pain medications and antibiotics.  The night that he came home he was crying which broke my heart but he couldn’t get any more pain meds until the next morning.  I was awakend at 5:00a.m by Toby crying.  So I got up immediately to give him his pain medication.  Again, my heart was breaking to hear him cry.

He would cuddle in his bed or next to me or in his blanket!  He got the rest he needed.

Feel free to leave any comments if anyone has had experience getting their babies teeth cleaned or if you have any suggestions for any items that will help with keeping their teeth cleaner without all that tartar and plaque building up on them.


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