I will be blogging about Florida, wildlife and animals especially our pets.

There are so many items and designers on Zazzle that I will also be working as a Zazzle affiliate promoting designs that I love besides my own store.  10% of my profits from affiliate promoting will also be going to the Morris Animal Foundation for the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study!

So I will also have my blogs focused on different themes and designs.   For instance, weddings which will include different invitations that encompasses the whole wedding process.  It will include engagement parties, wedding announcements, bridal shower invitations, bachelor and bachelorette invitations and more!  Since I love animals and Florida I will also be showing different animal designs and landscapes of Florida!

I love animals and my best friend moved to Florida which allowed me to see the beauty of the ocean and many Florida landscapes.  One day I plan to move to Florida!

But it is my Luna girl who has brought me here.  I wanted to do something to keep her memory alive and to alert other dog lovers about the horror of cancer in our furry friends.  1 out every 3 dogs will get cancer!

I have opened a store which I have dedicated to my Luna girl, who is a beautiful golden retriever.  She was only 6 years old.  The end of April in 2011 she was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma and 4 months later she lost her battle to cancer.

Luna and her socks

Through our journey when Luna was first diagnosed with cancer, we  researched many sites about dog cancer. After Luna died, we wanted to do something to keep her memory alive.  We started researching “starting a non-profit for canine cancer research”.  We spent 4 months researching and planning to get one started.  During our research, we realized that with a full-time job we could not give  quality time to the non-profit that is so much deserved.
Through our research we found Cafe Press,  where one of the non-profits had their own store,  selling Cafe Press merchandise.  We have had to put our ideas of opening and operating a canine cancer non-profit on hold.  Our thought process led us to opening our own Cafe Press store and further research led us to Zazzle.  Both stores supply the merchandise, customer service support and we provide all the designs.

We have opened this store in honor of our Luna girl.  We are using a combination of both Cafe Press and Zazzle stores that we opened on each of their sites.  The combination of these 2 stores have resulted in the creation of our store “LUNA’S LOVE OF LIFE GIFTS”. At our store we have  a “Dedication” page for our Luna where you can find more information of our Luna’s story at http://luna-love-of-life-graphic-design-gifts.webs.com.

All our designs are a combination of Florida landscapes and the wildlife from Miami Zoo, West Palm Beach Zoo, Miami Seaquarium and the Lion Country Safari located in West Palm Beach, Florida.   Of course, we also have a Pet Collection featuring our dogs!   We also have a variety of spiritual gifts .  We specialize in home decor items but also offer items such as t-shirts, accessories and a variety of other items.  Check out our store at www.zazzle.com/lunasloveoflifegifts.

Our hopes are that we do very well with our store so that we can leave our full-time jobs and concentrate on opening a canine cancer non-profit.

We do have a Canine Cancer Section in our store!  All net profits from the canine cancer section will be donated to the Morris Animal Foundation.

60% goldens will die from cancer

Please help the Golden Retriever!

Our store will be donating 10% profits to the Morris Animal Foundation which is sponsoring the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study!  Golden Retrievers has a 60% chance of getting cancer in their lifetime.  Finding a cure for our Goldens will also help find a cure for all dogs and us humans!  Check out this Lifetime study at https://caninelifetimehealth.org/


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