I did it!  I completed the 2 mile Canine Cancer Walk with the 2 Million Dog Foundation!  It was an awesome event.  Lots of people and lots of dogs.  We were all there to “Puppy Up” against Cancer.  I know my precious Luna was walking right by my side!

As of yesterday, the West Dundee IL had raised a total amount of $18,316.  I’m sure by the time the event was completed, the amount will be higher.  I am definitely going back next year.  We will try to start fundraising earlier than we did this year in a hope to get more donations for this great cause.  So that someday we will no longer need these walks.

I am revamping my store!  When I have completed the process, I will let everyone know.  Part of the store will directed to raising monies for canine cancer.

We did a good job yesterday and proud of it.   This was for you my Luna girl! I love you and miss you so much and I will never give up on my mission  to “Retrieve a cure for cancer” in honor of “My Babygirl”

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This will be a short blog because I don’t know when the electric may go out.  If you have read my blog “We love you, Luna girl” and “Going Back”, you will know that I am in Florida visiting my friends.  My trip has been extended due to the “Tropical Storm Issac” approaching us.  The bands from the storm have already started.

On Friday, we went hurricane shopping.  I have never experienced a hurricane or tropical storm.  There were a lot of people at all the stores getting tons of water, canned goods and other non-perishable items.  Once the storm hits, electricity could go out and stay off.  This could last for a week or more depending on the damage from the storm.  The water could get contaminated so that’s why you need to stock up your water supply.  “No Electricity” means no cooking, darkness and more. If electricity stays off for a long time, all your food in the freezer and refrigerator will end up spoiled.

Yesterday and today we worked on putting shutters on all the windows.  It looks like we are in jail.

Hurrincane shutters on windows

Bedroom window on 2nd floor with hurricane shutters

Hurricane ready for Tropical Storm Isaac
Kitchen sliding doors hurricane ready

I do feel very secure with the shutters bolted to the windows.  The strong winds haven’t started yet.   I’m sure I will be totally frightened when it starts.  It was a lot of work but well worth it.  I have taken some pictures while it is storming  and will take more after the storm hits.

I love visiting my friends in Florida but I can’t wait until the storm is over.  Every place has there good and bad points.  Florida’s bad points are the tropical storms and hurricanes.  I will blog again after the hurricane.