Today is Divine Mercy Sunday!  Even though I have been a Catholic all my life, I just found out about Divine Mercy about 3 1/2 years ago.

Over 3 years ago I had a heart attack.  I thought I was having heartburn.  However, the heartburn was becoming more frequent and wouldn’t go away unless I went to sleep.  Luckily, I decided to go to my doctor and found out it wasn’t heartburn I was experiencing but a heart attack.  As soon as he did an EKG he told me you need to go to the emergency room and be admitted to the hospital. He wanted a cardiologist to confirm his findings.

It was a duration of 10 days that I was experiencing this heart attack along I thought I was having severe heartburn.  The cardiologist confirmed my doctor’s suspicions.  I was having a heart attack and they set me up for an angiogram for the next day.  I was admitted on Thursday so the angiogram was set up for Friday.  The cardiologist went in to do the angiogram.  He was telling me that my one artery was 70% closed and I had an artery that had been 100% closed for a long time.  He asked me when I started feeling these pains and I told him about 10 days ago.  He said this other artery just became 100% blocked.  If I had come in 10 days ago, he could have put a stent in it.  He told me I had too much blockage and he couldn’t give me any stents but was referring me to a Heart surgeon.  I would need by-pass surgery since there was so much blockage.

I cried all the way back to my room.  Both my parents had by-pass surgery and I remembered all their pain. There surgeries were over 40 years ago and I know medicine has come along way in 40 years, but I was still petrified of the surgery.  My nurse could tell I was upset and tried to help me.  I told her I just needed time.  All I wanted at that point is to have time with My God.

That night my cardiologist came back to see me.  He told me that he talked to the heart surgeon and was told that any of my other arteries that he could use for by-pass were too small.  Surgery was out of the question.  My only option left was to put a stent into the 70% blocked artery and try to do what he could with medicine.  Obviously living with 2 blocked arteries and only 1 that would be open wasn’t a positive outlook.  They also had done a echogram which tells how much of my heart was damaged.  It came back at 45%.

It was Friday and they didn’t do angiograms on the weekend;  I had to wait until Monday before he could put the stent in my artery.  When I was admitted to the hospital, I had requested for a priest or Eucharist Minister to visit me so I could receive Holy Communion.

On Sunday night a Eucharist minister came to visit me and gave me Holy Communion.  He gave me a pamphlet called “Divine Mercy” and explained it to me.  I told him I did not know anything about Divine Mercy.   The chaplet to Divine Mercy is a powerful prayer.  In a vision to St Maria Kowalska in 1935, the Lord revealed a powerful prayer that He wanted everyone to say –The chaplet of the Divine Mercy—-and He promised extraordinary graces to those who would recite it.  I read through the pamphlet and recited the chaplet of the Divine Mercy that night.

On Monday I was scheduled for my angiogram.  My cardiologist started the angiogram, he was putting the stent into my artery.  As he was working on my stent, he told me that he was starting to see some blood trying to get through my newly 100% blocked artery.  He said: “I am going to see if I can get a stent into this artery”  PRAISE GOD AND THANK THE LORD!   It was a success.  I now have 2 stents inside of me.

I believe I received a miracle.  This is why the Chaplet of Divine Mercy is so special to me.  I try to say it every day especially at the 3 o’clock hour, the hour Jesus died on the cross.  I went through all my Cardiac Rehabilitation but I needed to find a Cardiologist that was closer to me.

I had all my medical records transferred to my new cardiologist.  He wanted another EKG, echogram to see how I was doing.  He said he didn’t understand why the surgeon said my arteries were too small for by-pass surgery.

My EKG came back good and my echogram shows my heart working at 100%  He told me that the angiogram that was done also showed that the artery that was 100% closed a while ago, made its own bypass.  So that I have all 3 main arteries open.  MY MIRACLE that I am thankful every day to God.

When you get a chance, get the pamphlet for the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy and read it and pray it.




My Toby’s Vet Visit

On my last blog, I wrote how my 2 babies got sick with non-stop diarrhea.  I left it off with Toby going to the vet’s office the day I wrote my blog.  I am happy to say he is doing very well.

Toby had colitis.  The vet explained to me that it is an inflammation of the colon.   His stool sample came up negative for parasites.   She prescribed antibiotic for him which helped him tremendously.  He has regular poops now with no blood.  She actually said it is better that there is red blood than dark-colored blood in the stool.  The red blood tells them that there is a problem from the colon which is the tail end of the digestive system.  Darker colored blood would designate problems in the small or large intestines.  Toby was allowed to go back to his regular diet.

So for right now, I have 2 healthy dachshunds which makes me very happy!

I am showing you my Toby’s picture on a pillow which you can do the same thing for your puppy dogs.  I have his picture on my coasters also.  Scarly I have put her face on placemats and dish towels.  So I have them all over my home.  Like I said I just love my puppy dogs.

Baby Gifts


Our Luna girl lost her battle to cancer on August 21st, 2011! .  See my blog where I talk about my Luna girl.    Luna is actually my girlfriend’s dog and I am her 2nd mom. I was always called Aunt Linda.

In May 2010 Harry came into Luna’s life.  Harry is a British Golden Retriever.  Harry just loves Luna so much.  Luna was irritated with Harry when he first came into the home.  She was 5 years old and he was a puppy.  Luna was use to being center of attention and now there was this white ball of fur following her everywhere.

In that first year of Harry’s life he became so close to the Luna girl.  When Luna was diagnosed with cancer he got even closer.  It seemed like Harry was trying to protect Luna from the cancer by being  close to her.

He was devastated when Luna lost her life.  He was totally depressed.  The vet said that Harry would die from a broken heart if he did not get another brother or sister in the home.  My girlfriend took her vet’s words seriously.  She found a very reputable breeder in Texas.   When the time came for Harry’s new brother or sister to be born, she went down to Texas to pick out Harry’s new playmate.


She fell in love with a baby girl.  Harry was going to get a sister.  This time he would be the big brother instead of baby brother.  Harry’s new sister name was Billie!  He definitely loved his new sister and took on the role of big brother.

My next blog will continue on the golden brotherly/sisterly love but this time it will be about Harry and Billie!

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Personalized Gifts For Our Pets

On my previous blog I talked about my 2 dachshunds.  I know many of us treat our dogs as family.  That’s why we call them our fur babies.  They are our kids with fur.  Just like we take pictures of our kids we also take pictures of our fur babies.

I have my own 2 dachshunds and my girlfriend has 3 golden retrievers.  My girlfriend lives in Florida and I call them my Florida pups.  I am Aunt Linda to my Florida pups!  The names of my Florida pups are Harry, Billie and IvyBella!

Before my girlfriend got married and moved to Florida, we shared an apartment together in Naperville, Illinois.  When we moved into the apartment my girlfriend got her first golden retriever pup.  Her name was Luna.  I was Aunt Linda to her too.  Since we lived in the same apartment I was more like a second mom than Aunt Linda!

However, my Luna girl got cancer when she was only 6 years old.  She was diagnosed with it in April of 2011 and lost her battle on August 21, 2011.

Her story and my reason for starting my store can be found at my “About” page and also at

My fur babies both here in Illinois and Florida are my family. I know many other people treat their dogs as family too.  I have a “Collection” in my store titled “Personalized” which are items that you can switch your pets photo and name!

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My Doxies Dental Cleaning

I have always loved dogs.  I had dogs as I was growing up but we  never had to get their teeth cleaned.  But I can understand the reason for having our dogs teeth cleaned.

I have learned from having 2 dachshunds that they need regular cleaning.  I just hate that they have to go under anesthesia.   Dachshunds have such long and narrow mouths that it is a good breeding ground for bacteria.  There isn’t too much space for bacteria to roam so they just attack their teeth.

My Scarlett is 11 years old and has had 10 teeth removed mostly her bigger teeth like her molars.  Toby is 10 years old and has had 12 teeth removed.  Most of his teeth that were removed are the smaller ones like the ones between his 2 canine teeth and a few small ones at the very end of mouth.

They were not trained when they were puppies to get their teeth cleaned so it is very difficult to do that now.  I have checked the VOHC websites for treats and chews that will help them to keep their teeth clean.

Since both of my doxies are getting up in age, I wasn’t going to have their teeth cleaned anymore because of the anesthesia.  Toby’s teeth were looking really bad but still I didn’t want him to go under anesthesia but he kept rubbing his mouth on the rug and furniture.  So I took him to my vet to get his mouth checked.  The vet agreed with me that his teeth were in bad shape.  The one side of his gums were red where the other side was pink.  The gums should be pink instead of red.  My vet believed he had an infection and that several of his smaller teeth may need to be pulled.  I agreed to get his teeth cleaned.  The vet took a full panel blood test just to make sure all vitals were good in order to go under anesthesia.  Blood test came back good.  I set up his appointment for January 12th.

3 days before his appointment he started taking antibiotics for the infection and would continue after the cleaning.

His teeth were cleaned with 1 extraction.  It has only been a week since the extraction so I am sure his mouth is still tender.  He is still rubbing his mouth on the rug and furniture so I put a call into the vet to see if this is normal.  I am thinking this is normal since his stitches will still be in his mouth for 2-4 weeks.

I did take 4 days off work to be with him after the cleaning just in case there was any problems.  I game him his pain medications and antibiotics.  The night that he came home he was crying which broke my heart but he couldn’t get any more pain meds until the next morning.  I was awakend at 5:00a.m by Toby crying.  So I got up immediately to give him his pain medication.  Again, my heart was breaking to hear him cry.

He would cuddle in his bed or next to me or in his blanket!  He got the rest he needed.

Feel free to leave any comments if anyone has had experience getting their babies teeth cleaned or if you have any suggestions for any items that will help with keeping their teeth cleaner without all that tartar and plaque building up on them.


My third experience from my dog spirits is from my Luna girl.  She is the reason I started my store Luna’s Love of Life Gifts!

Without warning cancer attacked our baby girl and took her away from us 4 months later!  She was only 6 years old.

My best friend and I shared an apartment together in 2005 -2008. That is when our Luna girl came into our lives. I became Aunt Linda and Cathy (my best friend) became mommy. Then there was Cathy’s son, Mitch. Now, Mitch is Luna’s “BOY”. I couldn’t even begin to covey into words the love relationship Luna and Mitch had for each other. Cathy’s son Mike loves Luna too but tried to keep a distance because he was allergic to dogs. And Lou is Luna’s daddy.

We shared an apartment for several years until I moved in with my other friend in Huntley.  It was so hard to leave my Luna girl.  Every time I came back to visit with her I would bring her a “baby” (stuffed animal).  So she would always look for her “baby” when I came over.  She loved me so much that when I came over she would put her head into my body and cry.  Lot of the stuffed animals I brought to her were children’s favorite cartoon characters.  One of those “babies” was the red “Clifford” dog You will see the importance of this later on in the blog.

Luna carrying all her babies in her mouth

Young Luna carrying all her babies in her mouth

In May 2010, Cathy and Lou brought Harry home so Luna could have a playmate. He is a British Golden Retriever. He loves and misses his Luna girl so very much.

Our Luna girl was diagnosed with lymphoma at the end of April 2011. She was only 6 years old (In humans that would be a 40 yr old woman).

She went into remission for 7 weeks. The cancer came back attacking her skin. She had these ulcers popping up especially on her paws that it became very hard for her to walk. 

Our vet put her on “rescue” protocol which is just a name for using a different combination of chemotherapy drugs when and if your dog stops responding to the first protocol used. Since cancer cells tend to adapt and become resistant to certain drugs after a while, a new combination of drugs can often help your dog get back into remission.

Luna only had a 20% chance that the drugs would work,  much less put her back in remission. But with all our friends and family praying for her and her wonderful vet, Luna went back into remission in July. We were all so very happy.  Everyone who loves Luna including her vet said how Luna doesn’t act like a dog that has cancer.  Each week she had her chemo treatment, she was doing such an awesome job fighting this dreadful disease.

On August 19 of 2011, she had her chemo treatment and as usual she was doing great. On Sunday morning, August 21, 2011 she couldn’t keep any food down. So she was brought to the vet that morning, was given a blood test to check if the cancer had come back. She showed no signs of the cancer coming back so Luna went back home. Mommy fed her mixture of chicken/rice to see if that would help with her vomiting.   Later that day our precious Luna became lethargic and went back to the vet. On the way there she died in her mommy’s arms. Her vet said the cancer was so microscopic and was attacking her intestinal tract.

Needless to say, I was devastated to hear that cancer has taken my little girl’s life.  I was doubled up in pain from the loss of my precious girl.  It was such a shock because she was only 6 years old and it came so suddenly.  Within 4 months cancer took my baby girl.

I want to explain my living situation at this time so you can understand when I tell you about my experience with Luna’s spiritual visit with me.  I was living with my friend in Huntley (same friend who lost Annabelle).  She had 2 daughters, one whose bedroom was next to mine and her oldest daughter lived in the basement with her 3-year-old daughter.  Her oldest daughter also had a cat that lived both up and downstairs.  There was a door to the basement so she did have some privacy.  The 3-year-old had lots of toys to play with including a “Red Clifford Dog”.  There would be many times the 3-year-old would come upstairs to visit with us even if her mommy stayed downstairs.

After the loss of Annabelle, my girlfriend had decided to get another dog.  She got a long-haired dachshund named Scarlett.  The following year, my girlfriends daughter decided she wanted another dog too.  She got a long-haired dachshund named Toby.

There were 3 dogs in the house now.  Their names are Dukie, Toby and Scarly.  Everyone in the house did their “own thing”.  I was more of a “home buddy” so I stayed home more than everyone else.  Somehow all 3 dogs became attached to me and they would all sleep in my bed.

I always felt Luna’s presence with me.  I have this one picture of Luna where she is laying down but her head is turned looking at me.  This picture is  hanging on the wall . I can see her eyes looking straight at me.  I can be right in front of the picture, to the right of the picture or to the left of the picture and her eyes are staring at me.

Few years after Luna has passed I had a more vivid visit from my little girl.  One morning I woke up before it was time to get up but the dogs needed to go outside.  I got up let them out the back door and brought them back in and went back to bed.  A few hours later it was time to get up.  Everyone else was still sleeping so I let the pups out again.  But this time there was a “Red Clifford Dog” sitting at the back door. (The red Clifford dog is one of the “babies” I had given Luna).  At first I thought that maybe Melodi (my friend’s granddaughter) had gotten up and left her Clifford dog at the back door or even Guiness, their cat somehow brought it from downstairs.

When everyone else woke up, I asked her daughter if Melodi was up and left Clifford at the back door.  She told me that Melodi is sound asleep and has not been up at all.  I then asked if she thought it was possible that Guiness was playing with Clifford and left it at the back door.  She told me that it was too heavy for him to drag all the way up the stairs.

Somehow the “Red Clifford Dog” made its way up from downstairs with no one in the house bringing it there.  I firmly believe that my Luna girl was telling me in her own way that she is with me and watching over me.

I don’t have a picture of Luna and Clifford but I do have a picture of Luna and and luna

I am curious if any one esle has similiar experiences after their beloved fur baby has died.



Have you ever lost your dog to cancer?  I have lost 2 dogs to cancer and both of them were golden retrievers.  I was “Aunt Linda” to both of these dogs and my best friend/sister was their mommy!  Chooch was 14 years old when he was diagnosed with brain cancer and Luna was only 6 years old when she was diagnosed with lymphoma.  The sad fact is that 60% of golden retrievers will get cancer in their lifetime.

Luna’s cancer came to us as a complete shock to us.  She was diagnosed in April 2011 and in August 2011 she lost her battle to cancer.  She is the reason I started my store at Zazzle.  We have a special section where all the net profits will be donated to Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.

There are so many dogs that get cancer!  Just like us humans, there are survivors and there are those that have lost the battle.  It’s so important that we do canine cancer research.  Many of the dog cancers are the same cancers that we get.  Since our dogs have a shorter life span, the cancer research results are quicker to find out if they will work or not.  We can then help our dogs and ourselves as well.

If you have the opportunity, please donate to canine cancer research.  There are also may other things you can do to help with canine cancer research.  There are many groups that do dog cancer walks.

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