It’s been about 3 years since I have been active blogging about my Luna girl and my store!  There is so much to learn about marketing strategies on the internet.  Since I wasn’t having much luck with search engines and internet marketing, I decided to try the old traditional ways.  I couldn’t afford an actual “brick and mortar store” so I rented a booth at 3 different Pet shows that were well known in my area.  I knew there I would at least get exposure to people and they could see my work!

In 2013, I attended 3 pet shows where I displayed a majority of my items.   1 show was with the Windy City Pet Expo in July 2013.  The other 2 shows were with the Chicago Pet Show located in St. Charles and Darien Illinois.  Those shows were in September and November 2013.

I took time to prepare for those shows by concentrating on pet items for my store so I could display my items for these shows.  Its was a huge success in that many people stopped by my booth.  They loved the idea of pets on all these different items.  I was able to distribute many of my business and rack cards.  I also had a lot of people tell me how they lost their pets to cancer.

However, I received very few sales from these pet shows.  Many of the customers wanted to upload their own pictures of their pets on our items, which was great because our Zazzle items can be personalized and customized.  So I am not really sure what happened to all those sales.

I think I became disappointed with the lack of sales that I let everything slide.  I still want my store to be successful so I can donate to cancer research.   Since I work full time, trying to figure out SEO and other marketing strategies on the internet can be very difficult!  Its like your store is located on a remote island unless you can get “Google” or other search engines to bring your store to the “Main Island”.

I had read books and have searched the internet on search engine optimization.  Even with following the suggestions, it is extremely difficult to get you noticed on the first page.

Yes, I became very discouraged!  I had a setback last year in November as I had a heart attack!   I thought I was having heartburn when the whole time I was having a heart attack.  2 of my main arteries were 100% blocked and my main artery was 70% blocked.   I will save the story of my heart attack for another blog.  I was only concerned about getting my health back in order.  1 year later and 2 stents I am doing well.

This past year I was concentrating on my health!  Strangely, my store “out of the blue” started to get sales!  Slowly but surely!  I was wondering if God was trying to tell me something.  Obviously He saved my life!  So was He telling me now that He wants me to get back to work on My store?

So, here I am!  I am starting to revive my store again!  I am working on how to get out of that “remote island” and get to the “Main Island”.

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