I used to enjoy all the holidays but since I work in retail it makes it more difficult to enjoy them especially Christmas.  Besides my store at Zazzle, I work at a brick and mortar store full-time.  It’s all Rush here and Rush there to get all the products out on the floor in time for Black Friday (plus all the sales prior to Black Friday) and all the days after that until Christmas.

We get seasonal employees which basically get thrown to the floor with minimum training.  I don’t blame the new employees because no one is training them.  But the store management still wants you to give good customer service with all this added work and new employees who have no real training.

Customers get mad at the employees that are there for many reasons.  The product advertised in the paper didn’t get to the store in time, we don’t have their size.  The advertisement states “selected items” but the customer doesn’t really see that part of the sale.  The complaints are legitimate complaints but we as workers have no control over this and the customer gets mad at us.

We are helping another customer but this customer is in a hurry and needs help but your helper called in sick and management was unable to replace those hours.  The store didn’t anticipate we would be as busy as we are and therefore we didn’t have enough associates to help all the customers as needed.  As a result the associates working are going crazy because they are unable to help all these customers.  The customers that couldn’t be helped on a timely matter are now angry customers, so now you also have to deal with the angry customer even though you are doing your best!

Please keep in mind when you are shopping at the brick and mortar stores that most associates are doing the best they can and want to help you but many things are out of their control.

This is another reason I want to get my Zazzle store to full speed so I can work online full time.