Winter Weather in the Springtime!

We are having winter during Spring! I am really tired of winter and wish we could get Spring weather to stay!

Winter is long enough without it being extended. I thought I was done worrying about snow storms coming. I hate driving in snow and hope it comes on my day off. But now I really would like the warm weather to come on my day off.

It gets so depressing because the sun seems to shine less and hides behind the clouds. I am definitely looking for Spring weather!

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On January 27, I wrote how I had a Spring day in January!  I knew winter wasn’t over but it sure felt like it.  I knew that each day that went past was a day closer to Spring!  I was really looking for Spring!

Winter decided to come back with a vengeance!  February 3rd through February 11th we had 9 days of accumulating snowfall.  I believe we ended with a total snowfall of 18,3 inches.   Last Friday was our big snow storm, where we got 6 inches of snow in one night.  Our areas in Chicagoland received 10-12 inches of snow that night.

We tied the record with 9 consecutive days of snowfall.  The other dates of 9 consecutive snow was back in 2009 and 1902.

I am now definitely ready for Spring.  I must just keep telling myself each day Spring gets a little bit closer.  Tomorrow we are supposed to get to the 40’s!  Some of this snow should start melting but it will probable freeze up again because Friday we will be back in the 20’s.


I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  January and February are the coldest months of our winter season.  We have had several Arctic blasts in late December and into January.   When the temperature reaches 30 degrees it feels like Spring weather to us.  The Arctic blast even went as far down as Florida!  My girlfriend lives in Florida and she said in went down to the 30’s

During the Arctic blasts it was so cold that my pups couldn’t go for their walk.  I would take them outside for their walk and their paws would freeze up.  I had them outside less than a minute and each of them would lift up a paw and not move.  I had to carry them back home.  I have 2 artificial grass potty patch for them to use on the balcony.  During the Arctic blast they would just go outside on the balcony.  There were a few times when I had to throw out a blanket so they could walk back into the apartment.

Today the sun was shining brightly and I could feel the warmth of the sun. The high temperature today was 45 degrees. I turned off my heat and opened my balcony doors to let fresh air in my apartment.

I took the pups out for one of their walks this afternoon and we ended up staying outside for 40 minutes.  We walked around the whole complex.  As I started our normal walk, Toby (brown-haired dachshund) slowly got me up the hill and we ended all the way up on the top of the hill!  We walked to the opposite end of the complex because it was too steep for me to go back down the hill with my bad knees.  I am not sure how I made it up the hill but Toby was determined to get me up there.

The pictures that I am posting are actually from the summer time but I wanted you to see the hills and how big the complex is.  Most of the snow has melted but the pond is still frozen.  The grass and trees are not as green.

I believe all 3 of us had “cabin fever”!  I know I enjoyed the walk in the warmer weather and the pups were having a great time sniffing out all the smells since the snow melted and feeling grass under their feet again!  The warmer weather gave me the feeling of Spring but also the little birds were out flying around too.

I know we are still in winter but it was great to have a Spring Day in January.  I know winter weather will be coming back but we enjoyed this Spring Day tremendously.  Even though our temperatures will be going back to the 20’s next week, I know each day Spring keeps getting closer.




Labor Day Weekend

I am hoping everyone had a good Labor Day Weekend.  I just can’t believe our summer is over already.  It seems like it just started.  Now we have the fall season coming which I wouldn’t mind so much except for the fact that winter will follow.

My worst season is winter.  It always seems so long and dreary.  I hate the snow most of all only because I have to drive in it. When I retire I won’t have to worry about driving to work.  Then I will love watching the snow come floating down from the sky.  It is very beautiful.

Winter is so dreary because the sun doesn’t seem to shine as much!  I do miss the sunshine.  I would love to be able to afford to be a Snow Bird, which means living in Florida in the winter time.

So for now, I think I will enjoy the fall weather and worry about winter when it actually gets here.